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Wong S.S., Jameson D.M. Chemistry of Protein and Nucleic Acid Cross-Linking and Conjugation

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Wong S.S., Jameson D.M. Chemistry of Protein and Nucleic Acid Cross-Linking and Conjugation
2nd Edition. – CRC Press, 2011. – 622 p. – ISBN 1420007645, 9781420007640.
Since the publication of the first edition of Chemistry of Protein Conjugation and Cross-Linking in 1991, new cross-linking reagents, notably multifunctional cross-linkers, have been developed and synthesized. The completion of the human genome project has opened a new area for studying nucleic acid and protein interactions using nucleic acid cross-linking reagents, and advances have also been made in the area of biosensors and microarray biochips for the detection and analysis of genes, proteins, and carbohydrates. In addition, developments in physical techniques with unprecedented sensitivity and resolution have facilitated the analysis of cross-linked products.
Updated to reflect the advances of the 21st century, this book offers:
An overview of the chemical principles underlying the processes of cross-linking and conjugation A thorough list of cross-linking reagents published in the literature since the first edition, covering monofunctional, homobifunctional, heterobifunctional, multifunctional, and zero-length cross-linkers Reviews of the use of these reagents in studying protein tertiary structures, geometric arrangements of subunits within complex proteins and nucleic acids, near-neighbor analysis, protein-to-protein or ligand–receptor interactions, and conformational changes of biomolecules Discusses the application of immunoconjugation for immunoassays, immunotoxins for targeted therapy, microarray technology for analysis of various biomolecules, and solid state chemistry for immobilizations.
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