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Cook D.B. Probability and Schrodinger's Mechanics

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Cook D.B. Probability and Schrodinger's Mechanics
World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2002. – 344 p. – ISBN: 9812381910.
An examination of some of the problems of interpreting Schrodinger's mechanics - the most complete and explicit theory falling under the umbrella of "quantum theory". The outlook is materialist ("realist") and stresses the development of Schrodinger's mechanics from classical theories and its close connections with (particularly) the Hamilton-Jacobi theory. Emphasis is placed on the concepts and use of the modern objective (measure-theoretic) probability theory.
Orientation and Outlook
Simple Probabilities
A More Careful Look at Probabilities
Classical Mechanics
The Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
Appendix Transformation Theory
Angular Momentum
Schrodinger's Mechanics
Prelude: Particle Diffraction
The Genesis of Schrodinger's Mechanics
The Schrodinger Equation
Appendix Schrodinger's First Paper of 1926
Identities: Momenta and Dynamical Variables
Abstracting the Structure
Interpretation from Applications
The Quantum Kepler Problem
Appendix Hamiltonians by Substitution?
The Harmonic Oscillator and Fields
Perturbation Theory and Epicycles
Formalisms and "Hidden" Variables
Disputes and Paradoxes
Measurement at the Microscopic Level
Appendix Standard Deviations of Conjugate Variables
Beyond Schrodinger's Mechanics?
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