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McCormack P. Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity: An Introduction

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McCormack P. Vortex, Molecular Spin and Nanovorticity: An Introduction
Springer New York Dordrecht Heidelberg London, 2012. – 144 p. – ISBN: 1461402565.
The subject of this book is the physics of vortices. A detailed analysis of the dynamics of vortices will be presented. The important topics of vorticity and molecular spin will be dealt with, including the electromagnetic analogy and quantization in superfluids. The effect of molecular spin on the dynamics of molecular nano-confined fluids using the extended Navier-Stokes equations will also be covered –especially important to the theory and applicability of nanofluidics and associated devices. The nanoscale boundary layer and nanoscale vortex core are regions of intense vorticity (molecular spin). It will be shown, based on molecular kinetic theory and thermodynamics, that the macroscopic (solid body) rotation must be accompanied by internal rotation of the molecules. Electric polarization of the internal molecular rotations about the local rotation axis –the Barnett effect – occurs. In such a spin aligned system, major changes in the physical properties of the fluid result.
The Vortex
Brief History
Forces (Lift, Drag, Thrust, and Torque) on Moving Submerged Bodies Due to Vortex Formation
Some Other Kinds of Simple Vortices
Concluding Remarks
Vorticity (Molecular Spin)
Generation of Vorticity
Generation by Shock Waves
Generation by Free Convective Flow and Buoyancy
Generation by Baroclinic Effects
The General Vorticity Equation
Viscous Diffusion of Vorticity
Hill’s Spherical Vortex
Vorticity in Rotating Frames of Reference
Atmospheric Fluid Motion and Vorticity
Dissipation Function, Vorticity Function, and Curvature Function (Eddy or Vortex Motion)
Generation of Vorticity in a Viscous Boundary Layer: Precursor to Turbulence
Typical Vorticity Distributions
Vorticity in a Compressible Fluid
Vorticity and the Electromagnetic Analogy
Quantization of Circulation and Vorticity
Quantized Vortices in He II
The Nanoboundary Layer and Nanovortex Core
Kinetic Theory of the Vortex Core Gas
Effect of Local (Macroscopic) Rotation of the Gas
Transport and Optical Properties of the Core Gas
Electric (Barnett) Polarization in the Boundary Layer
Electric Charge–Dipole Interaction
Concluding Remarks
Nanoduct Fluid Flow
Kinetic Theory for Fluid Transport Parameters
Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulation
Diffusion in Nanochannels
Electrokinetics in Nanochannels
Slip Flow in Nanoducts
Water Flow in Nanochannels
Molecular Spin in Nanoduct Fluid Flow
Nanoscale Forces
Theoretical Analyses
Overview of Phenomena Occurring at the Nanoscale
The Field of Nanofluidics
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