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Kunii D., Levenspiel O. Fluidization Engineering

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Kunii D., Levenspiel O. Fluidization Engineering
Second edition. — Butterworth—Heinemann, 1991. — 498 p. — ISBN 0-409-90233-0.
In that book is developed a physical-based model to represent the behavior of fine particle systems based on the Davidson bubble and Rowe's finding on bubble wakes. It is showed how this model could make sense of a variety of phenomena in dense bubbling fluidized beds. It was the first of a new class of models, the hydrodynamic model, and since its introduction many extensions and variations have been proposed.
Since writing that book, much that is new and exciting has occurred in the field of fluidization—new insights, new understandings, and new redictive methods. First they have the Geldart classification of solids, which divides the behavior of dense beds into four distinct classes. We see the systematic studies of the freeboard region above the dense bed, and of high-velocity fluidization with its significant carryover of particles, which requires the replenishment of bed solids. This regime of operations leads to what is called the circulating fluidized bed and fast fluidization.
In another direction, the interest in fluidized coal combustion and other large particle systems has spawned many studies of this regime of gas-solid contacting. As a result of these developments, today the term fluidization takes on a broader meaning; consequently new predictive methods are being developed to cover this wider range of gas-solid contacting. This has led us to conclude that it is time for a new edition of this book.
In this second edition the autors expand our original scope to encompass these new areas, and they also introduce reactor models specifically for these contacting regimes. With all these changes, this is largely a new book. Again we generously sprinkle this book with illustrative examples, over 60, plus problems to challenge the student.
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