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Lopez C.P. Integral Calculus and Differential Equations using Mathematica

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Lopez C.P. Integral Calculus and Differential Equations using Mathematica
Cesar Perez Lopez, 2016. — 223 p. — ASIN: B01AOOGXMA
This book provides all the material needed to work on Integral Calculus and Differential Equations using Mathematica. It includes techniques for solving all kinds of integral and its applications for calculating lengths of curves, areas, volumes, surfaces of revolution… With Mathematica is possible solve ordinary and partial differential equations of various kinds, and systems of such equations, either symbolically or using numerical methods (Euler's method,, the Runge–Kutta method,…). It also describes how to implement mathematical tools such as the Laplace transform, orthogonal polynomials, and special functions (Airy and Bessel functions), and find solutions of differential equations in partial derivatives.
Practical Introduction To Mathematica
Calculation Numeric With Mathematica
Symbolic Calculation With Mathematica
Graphics With Mathematica
Mathematica And The Programming
Integration And Applications
Indefinite Integrals
Integration By Substitution (Or Change Of Variables)
Integration By Parts
Integration By Reduction And Cyclic Integration
Definite Integrals. Curve Arc Length, Areas, Volumes And Surfaces Of Revolution. Improper Integrals
Definite Integrals
Curve Arc Length
The Area Enclosed Between Curves
Surfaces Of Revolution
Volumes Of Revolution
Curvilinear Integrals
Improper Integrals
Parameter Dependent Integrals
The Riemann Integral
Integration In Several Variables And Applications. Areas And Volumes. Divergence, Stokes And Green’s Theorems
Areas And Double Integrals
Surface Area By Double Integration
Volume Calculation By Double Integrals
Volume Calculation And Triple Integrals
Green’s Theorem
The Divergence Theorem
Stokes’ Theorem
First Order Differential Equations. Separates Variables, Exact Equations, Linear And Homogeneous Equations. Numeriacal Methods
Separation Of Variables
Homogeneous Differential Equations
Exact Differential Equations
Linear Differential Equations
Numerical Solutions To Differential Equations Of The First Order
High-Order Differential Equations And Systems Of Differential Equations
Ordinary High-Order Equations
Higher-Order Linear Homogeneous Equations With Constant Coefficients
Non-Homogeneous Equations With Constant Coefficients. Variation Of Parameters
Non-Homogeneous Linear Equations With Variable Coefficients. Cauchy-Euler Equations 6
The Laplace Transform
Systems Of Linear Homogeneous Equations With Constant Coefficients
Systems Of Linear Non-Homogeneous Equations With Constant Coefficients
Higher Orden Differential Equations And Systems Using Approximation Methods. Differential Equations In Partial Derivatives
Higher Order Equations And Approximation Methods
The Euler Method
The Runge–Kutta Method
Differential Equations Systems By Approximate Methods
Differential Equations In Partial Derivatives
Orthogonal Polynomials
Airy And Bessel Functions
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