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Ludwig G. An Axiomatic Basis for Quantum Mechanics. Volume 2: Quantum Mechanics and Macrosystems

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Ludwig G. An Axiomatic Basis for Quantum Mechanics. Volume 2: Quantum Mechanics and Macrosystems
Springer, 1987. - 242 pp.
In the first volume quantum mechanics was based on the objective description of macroscopic devices. In this context also the usual description of composite systems by tensor products of Hilbert spaces has been introduced. This method can be formally extrapolated to systems composed of "many" elementary systems, even arbitrarily many. One formerly had the opinion that this "extrapolated quantum mechanics" is a more comprehensive theory than the objective description of macrosystems, an opinion which generated unsurmountable difficulties for explaining the measuring process. With respect to the foundation of quantum mechanics on macroscopic objectivity, this opinion would mean that this founda­tion is no foundation at all. The task of this second volume is to attain a compatibility between the objective description of macrosystems and an extrapolated quantum mechanics. Thus in the book the "statistical mechanics" of macrosystems is established as a theory more compre­hensive than an extrapolated quantum mechanics. On this basis the problem of the measuring process in quantum mechan­ics is solved, developing a theory which describes the measuring process as an interaction between microsystems and a macroscopic device. This theory also allows to calculate "in principle" the observable measured by a device. Neither an incorporation of consciousness nor a mysterious imagination such as "collapsing" wave packets are necessary.
Further Structures of Preparation and Registration.
The Embedding Problem.
Compatibility of PTq with PTq exp.
Special Structures in Preparation and Registration Devices.
Relations Between Different Forms of Quantum Mechanics and the Reality Problem.
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