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Solutions. Zambak publishing

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Solutions. Zambak publishing
Zambak Basým Yayýn Eðitim ve Turizm Ýletmeleri Sanayi Ticaret A.Þ., 2006. — 72 p. — ISBN 975-266-213-7.
Chemistry is an interesting and fundamental branch of science because it gives us the chance to explain the secrets of nature. What is water? How does tap water differ from distilled water? Why is salt sprinkled on the roads in winter? Why are soft drinks kept in a freezer? How is the concentration of calcium ions measured in milk? These kinds of questions and their answers are all part of the world of chemistry. However, one does not need to be a chemist or scientist to understand the simplicity within the complexity around us. This book helps everyone to understand the nature of solutions. The aim was to write a modern, up-to-date book where students and teachers can get concise information about the solutions. Throughout the books, colorful tables, important reactions, interesting extras, reading passages, funny cartoons and puzzles are used to explain ideas. Sometimes reactions are given in detailed form, but, in general, excessive detail has been omitted. The book is designed to introduce a basic knowledge of solutions and measurement of their concentration. We will study principally the nature of solutions, their components with their physical and chemical properties. This book will also show you how crucial to life are solutions and how important is measuring concentration.
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