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Green Kevin, Moore Tom. Archaeology: An Introduction

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Green Kevin, Moore Tom. Archaeology: An Introduction
5th edition. — Routledge, 2010. — 416 p.
This fully updated 5th edition of a classic classroom text is essential reading for core courses in archaeology. It explains how the subject emerged from an amateur pursuit in the eighteenth century into a serious discipline, and explores changing trends in interpretation in recent decades. e authors convey the excitement of archaeology while helping readers to evaluate new discoveries by explaining the methods and theories that lie behind them. In addition to drawing upon examples and case studies from many regions of the world and periods of the past, the book incorporates the authors’ own fieldwork, research and teaching.
Archaeology: an introduction continues to include key references and guidance to help new readers find their way through the ever-expanding range of archaeological publications. The comprehensive glossary and bibliography are complemented by a support website to assist further study and wider learning.
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