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Getting a Promotion. Top Tips for Achieving Career Success

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Getting a Promotion. Top Tips for Achieving Career Success
Englishtown, Inc., 2013. — 32 p., ill. — (EF Englishtown: Language & Lifestyle Guides).
The illustrated guide offers essential professional English tips for those looking to take the next step in their career. It will help you make a good impression in your workplace and give you the confidence and conversational skills needed to help you present an image of complete professionalism.
Divided into five parts, the first section of the eBook describes techniques for helping you to stay focused - taking your work seriously is essential. The second section details the ways you can prove you’re capable of meeting goals and getting results. Section three is all about standing out from the crowd and how to show you’re the best person for the job. The fourth section offers tips on ways you can join in at work, as managers want to promote team players. Finally, part five covers positivity in the workplace - an essential characteristic of anyone looking to be promoted. Follow these five steps to promotion and see the results for yourself.
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