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Lopes R. The Volcano Adventure Guide

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Lopes R. The Volcano Adventure Guide
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. – 2005. – 362 p. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stare down into the bubbling crater of an active volcano? If so, this book is for you! It contains vital information for anyone wishing to visit, explore, and photograph active volcanoes safely and enjoyably. The book begins by introducing readers to the eruption styles of different types of volcanoes and explains the physical settings on Earth where they are typically found. It describes how to prepare for a volcano trip, and how to avoid the dangers associated with being on or near active volcanoes. The author draws on her own experience of working on active volcanoes to explain what is safe and what is foolish, when to watch an eruption and when to stay away. She believes that volcanoes can be visited and enjoyed by all, and includes several examples of volcanoes that can be easily explored by people of all ages, and all levels of fitness and expertise. The second part of the book provides a comprehensive travel guide to 20 volcanoes around the world that are among nature’s most spectacular examples. It also gives short guides to 22 additional volcanoes located in the same regions, that could be visited during the same trips. This section is packed full of practical information including tour itineraries, maps, transportation details, and warnings of possible non-volcanic dangers such as unfriendly wildlife. The two appendices at the end of the book direct the reader to a wealth of further volcano resources. These include websites with up-to-date listings of volcanic activity across the globe, and a list of learned societies and commercial holiday companies offering volcano tours. There is also an extensive bibliography that refers readers to more detailed geological and practical information. The Volcano Adventure Guide is the first book of its type. Aimed at non-specialist readers who wish to explore volcanoes without being foolhardy, it will fascinate amateur enthusiasts and professional volcanologists alike. The stunning color photographs throughout the book will delight armchair travelers as well as inspire the adventurous to get out and explore volcanoes for themselves.
Choosing a volcano to visit
Volcanoes of the world
The basic facts about volcanoes
Volcanic eruptions
Visiting volcanoes safely
Preparing and planning a volcano adventure
Guides to volcanoes
Introduction to the field guides
Volcanoes in Hawaii
Volcanoes in the continental USA
Volcanoes in Italy
Volcanoes in Greece
Volcanoes in Iceland
Volcanoes in Costa Rica
Volcanoes in the West Indies
Useful information for preparing a volcano trip
Tours to volcanoes
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