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Coyle James. Beyond Belief: The Ultimate Mind-power Instructional Manual

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Coyle James. Beyond Belief: The Ultimate Mind-power Instructional Manual
2011. Качество: изначально электронное
Сила мысли может изменить реальность.
The idea that an altered state of consciousness can facilitate the retrieval of anomalous information is not new. This system of retrieval of hidden information has been termed ESP or Psi. Modern researchers have noted that optimal psi effects may be linked to certain attentional states. Altered states occurring during sleep, relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, and sensory isolation have all been found to be psi-conducive. For instance, hypnosis has been employed as a psi-facilitative state in experimental studies including card-guessing and ESP. Highly significant dream studies were also conducted at Maimonides Hospital in New York in the 1960s. James describes practical, altered state exercises that are based on these discoveries. By following these methods, which are described in great detail, individuals can gain a much greater use of their mind's potential.
This is by far and away the most complete piece of writing on ESP and mind control there is in the marketplace at the present time. It is practical, down to earth and has plenty of advice from the author who shares his own experiments and successes in a very honest and frank manner.
Worth a great deal more than the retail price. This book is the ultimate classic, so it is.
Easy to follow instructions to take more control over your life.His explanation of how the mind can be more receptive to change if approached in the right way is enlightening. I am implementing the ideas and already feel some changes for the better.
Yes it is beyond belief what the power of positive thinking can do.
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