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Golwalkar K.R. Production Management of Chemical Industries

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Golwalkar K.R. Production Management of Chemical Industries
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, 2016. — 354 p. — ISBN-10: 3319282514
Serves as a concise and useful reference on equipment, raw materials, energy efficiency, product quality, pollution control, and safe working conditions for chemical production facilities
Adopts a straightforward writing style and level of technicality appropriate for a diverse range of professionals in the chemical production industry including engineers, technicians, and managers as well as a students in chemical, manufacturing, and industrial engineering
Includes many case studies not available in any single book
This book covers all major areas of operation, pollution control, safety, modernization, diversification, and resource management for cost control in the industrial production of chemicals. The author details the importance of obtaining the right type of raw materials and equipment for maximum plant efficiency and discusses revival of plants that have been idle for long periods. He also presents important issues concerning product quality, energy recovery, safety, pollution control and improving profitability by proper management of resources. The book is ideal for shop floor engineers, middle level management, and owners of small- and medium-scale facilities in many countries as it serves as a guide for keeping the plant operations running in adverse situations, for reducing energy consumption; improving profitability, resource allocation, and workforce planning.
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