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Tsvetkov P.V. (Ed.) Nuclear Power - Operation, Safety and Environment

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Tsvetkov P.V. (Ed.) Nuclear Power - Operation, Safety and Environment
InTech, Rijeka, Croatia, 2011, 368 pages, ISBN 978-953-307-507-5
Energy demands due to economic growth and increasing population must be satisfied in a sustainable manner assuring inherent safety, efficiency and no or minimized environmental impact. New energy sources and systems must be inherently safe and environmentally benign. These considerations are among the reasons that lead to serious interest in deploying nuclear power as a sustainable energy source. Today’s
nuclear reactors are safe and highly efficient energy systems that offer electricity and a multitude of co-generation energy products ranging from potable water to heat for industrial applications. At the same time, catastrophic earthquake and tsunami events in Japan resulted in the nuclear accident that forced us to rethink our approach to nuclear safety, design requirements and facilitated growing interests in advanced
nuclear energy systems, next generation nuclear reactors, which are inherently capable to withstand natural disasters and avoid catastrophic consequences without any environmental impact.
This book is one in a series of books on nuclear power published by InTech. Under the single-volume cover, we put together such topics as operation, safety, environment, and radiation effects. The book is not offering a comprehensive coverage of the material in each area. Instead, selected themes are highlighted by authors of individual chapters representing contemporary interests worldwide. Our book consists of three major sections housing sixteen chapters:
Operation and Safety
World Experience in Nuclear Steam Reheat
Integrated Approach for Actual Safety Analysis
LWR Safety Analysis and Licensing and Implications for Advanced Reactors
Geodetic Terrestrial Observations for the Determination of the Stability in the Krško Nuclear Power Plant Region
Low Power and Shutdown PSA for the Nuclear Power Plants with WWER440 Type Reactors
A Study on the Actuator Efficiency Behavior of Safety-Related Motor Operated Gate and Globe Valves
Investigation of High Energy Arcing Fault Events in Nuclear Power Plants
Research on Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
Imaging of Radiation Accidents and Radioactive Contamination Using Scintillators
Simulation of Ex-Vessel Steam Explosion
Environmental Effects
Radiological Releases and Environmental Monitoring at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants
Radiological and Environmental Effects in Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Cooling Pond – Lake Druksiai: From Plant put in Operation to Shut Down
Period of Time
Power Uprate Effect on Thermal Effluent of Nuclear Power Plants in Taiwan
Radiation Effects
Long-Term Effects of Exposure to Low-Levels of Radioactivity: a Retrospective Study of 239Pu and 90Sr from Nuclear Bomb Tests on the Swiss
The Biliprotein C-Phycocyanin Modulates the DNA Damage Response in Lymphocytes from Nuclear Power Plant Workers
Effects of Gamma-Ray Irradiation on Tracking Failure of Polymer Insulating Materials
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