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Rafferty K. Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power

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Rafferty K. Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power
The English Press, Delhi, 2011, 107 pages, ISBN: 9789381157558
Nuclear power plants are a large part of our power grid here in the United States. Nuclear power is an excellent resource, but like every form of energy, environmental impacts must be considered.
The construction of nuclear power plants can cause pollution. Deforestation and CO2 from construction machines can contribute to global warming.
In order to run properly, a nuclear power plant must operate near a large body of water, like a lake. That water is often contaminated, affecting the surrounding animal life and potential for human usage.
Waste Disposal Issue
When uranium has completed the fission process, nuclear waste is formed that takes thousands of years to disappear. That waste needs to be stored somewhere that won't harm the environment.
Radiation Danger
Each nuclear power plant has the possibility of meltdown. If a nuclear disaster does occur, radioactive particles could be released into the air, potentially harming all living things.
Plants produce no CO2 into the atmosphere, creating a clean air power generator.
Table of Contents
Environmental Effects of Nuclear Power
Waste Streams
Radioactive Waste
Nuclear Fallout
Nuclear Winter
Chernobyl Disaster Effects
High-Level Radioactive Waste Management
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