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Kühn M. Reactive Flow Modeling of Hydrothermal Systems

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Kühn M. Reactive Flow Modeling of Hydrothermal Systems
Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2004. — 272 p. — (Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences). — ISBN 3540203389.
The book introduces the topic of geochemical modeling of fluids in subsurface and hydrothermal systems. The intention is to serve as a textbook for graduate students in aqueous, environmental and groundwater geochemistry, despite the fact that its focus is on the special topic of geochemistry in hydrothermal systems, it also provides new insights for experienced researchers with respect to the topic of reactive transport.

General Significance of Geochemical Models of Hydrothermal Systems
Fossil and Recent Hydrothermal Systems
Hydrogeothermal Energy Use
Reservoir Exploration and Management
Geochemical Models
Concepts, Classification, and Chemistry of Geothermal Systems
Conceptual Model and Classification
Static – Conductive Systems
Dynamic – Convective Systems
Geothermal Water Compilation
Chemical Interpretation of Geothermal Waters
Processes Affecting the Chemical Composition of Hydrothermal Waters
Theory of Chemical Modeling
Geochemical Equilibrium
Kinetic Models
Reaction Pathways
Simulation of Transport and Reaction
Uncertainty, Usefulness, and Limitations of Models
Specific Features of Coupled Fluid Flow and Chemical Reaction
Flow Induced Reaction Patterns
Porosity and Permeability (Reduction) Models
Reactive Infiltration Instability
Thermal Convection
Fossil Hydrothermal Systems

Ore Deposits and Diagenesis
Anhydrite Cementation at the Location Allermöhe
Recent Hydrothermal Systems
Investigating Geothermal Field Development and Structures
Waiwera – New Zealand
Reservoir Management
Brine Rock Interaction, Reactive Tracer, Mineral Recovery, and Gas Contents
Long Term Performance at Stralsund (Germany)
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