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Korbel Frantisek. FFmpeg Basics 2012

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Korbel Frantisek. FFmpeg Basics 2012
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012. — 216 p. — ISBN-10 1479327832; ISBN-13 978-1479327836.
The book will try to make you familiar with FFmpeg tools that are used by Facebook, Google and many other companies. You will learn how to:
scale, pad, crop, flip, rotate, blur, sharpen and denoise video
speed up or slow down audio and video
create sounds with mathematical expressions
generate refrain of winter song Jingle Bells
let the computer to read the text with selected voice
display and record input from your webcam
record input from microphone or send it to loudspeakers
convert video to images and images to video
add static or dynamic text on video
add, edit or delete file metadata
preview modified input in 2, 3 or 4 windows
include a logo or provide Picture in Picture
simplify repeated tasks with batch jobs
display input from 2 webcams in one window
set the bitrate, frame rate, maximum file size and related options
display FFmpeg help and information about its codecs, formats, protocols, etc.
use various filters in filterchains and filtergraphs
encode subtitles directly to the video stream
join various file formats, modify streams and modify audio channels
monetize uploads on video sharing websites
and much more
Book is printed in full color, contains over 100 tables and over 150 images including various diagrams and can be used both like a tutorial and reference. The brief content:
FFmpeg Fundamentals
Displaying Help and Features
Bit Rate, Frame Rate and File Size
Resizing and Scaling Video
Cropping Video
Padding Video
Flipping and Rotating Video
Blur, Sharpen and Other Denoising
Overlay - Picture in Picture
Adding Text on Video
Conversion Between Formats
Time Operations
Mathematical Functions
Metadata and Subtitles
Image Processing
Digital Audio
Presets for Codecs
Interlaced Video
FFmpeg Components and Projects
Microphone and Webcam
Batch Files
Color Corrections
Advanced Techniques
Video on Web
Debugging and Tests
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