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Rock & Gem 2016 №01

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Rock & Gem 2016 №01
Rock & Gem magazine is published by Beckett Media LLC. USA. - 84 pages.
Since 1971, Rock & Gem has been the leading magazine for the lapidary and mineral hobbyist. Not a trade journal and not a scientific dissertation, it speaks to the average rockhound, providing just the right blend of entertainment and satisfying information. Armchair hobbyists and diehard diggers alike will find something to enjoy in each issue.
In This Issue:
The Age of Gold. It's contributions to civilization are ongoing
The Three Muses. A faceting design for fun
World Gold Panning Championships. The annual competition draws hundreds to Placerville, California
2016 AGATE EXPO. Linda Marie Plume Agate. Striking red, green, white and gold in Oregon
The Great Goethite-Limonite Debate. Older mineral names are losing legitimacy
A Nevada Turquoise Adventure. Collecting at the Royal Royston claim
Rock & Gem: Kids
Natural vs. Enhanced Gem Materials. Part 2: Alternatives for druzy, dinosaur bone, and lapis lazuli
FIELD TRIP. Table Mountain Zeolites. A classic collecting site in Golden, Colorado
Rock Chip Necklaces. Making use of the bits and pieces
FIELD TRIP. Book Cliffs Barite. A Colorado site for collecting, geology and scenery
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