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MacKenzie D.A. Statistics in Britain, 1865-1930: The Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge

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MacKenzie D.A. Statistics in Britain, 1865-1930: The Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge
Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1981. — 304 p.
Science and its Social Context.
Beliefs and Society.
Eugenics in Britain.
What is Eugenics?
The Social Composition of the Eugenics Movement.
The Professional and the Social Structure.
The Professionals and the Eugenic Theory of Society.
Eugenics and Capitalism.
Eugenic Social Policies and the Twin Crises of Reproduction.
Opponents of Eugenics.
Francis Galton.
Eugenics, the InteJlectual Aristocracy and Naturalism.
Galton's Breakthrough.
The Bivariate Normal Distribution and Correlation.
Galton and the Error Theorists.
Karl Pearson.
Pearson's Politics.
Pearson's Philosophy.
Pearson's Darwinism.
Pearson's Eugenics.
Pearson's Statistical Biology.
Pearson and the Professional Middle Class.
The Development of Statistical Theory as a Scientific Specialty.
Galton and the Mathematicians.
The Biometric School.
Individual Careers and the Social Institution.
'Insiders': Elderton, Heron and Greenwood.
The 'Outsider': 'Student'.
From Eugenics to Statistics.
Biometrician versus Mendelian.
Green Peas, Yellow Peas and Greenish-Yellow Peas.
Mathematics and Biology.
Heredity and Evolution.
Nature and Society: Biometry.
Nature and Society: Bateson.
Sociobiologies in Competition.
The Politics of the Contingency Table.
The Issue.
Further Developments in Pearson's and Yule's Approaches.
The Controversy.
The General Character of the Two Approaches.
Eugenics and the Measurement of Association.
Further Aspects of the Controversy.
The Controversy and Social Interests.
R.A. Fisher.
Fisher, Eugenics and the Professional Middle Class.
Genetics and Evolution.
The Theory of Statistical Inference.
Fisher's Early Work on Statistical Inference.
Fisher versus Pearson.
Statistics and Agricultural Research: Fisher at Rotharnstead.
Discovery or Invention?
Science as Goal-Oriented.
Social Interests.
Then and Now.
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