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Gonzalez G. Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design

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Gonzalez G. Foundations of Oscillator Circuit Design
Boston: Artech House, 2007. — 422 p. — ISBN 978-1596931626.
Oscillators are an important component in today's RF and microwave systems, and practitioners in the field need to know how to design oscillators for stability and top performance. Offering engineers broader coverage than other oscillator design books on the market, this comprehensive resource considers the complete frequency range, from low-frequency audio oscillators to more complex oscillators found at the RF and microwave frequencies. Packed with over 1,200 equations, the book gives professionals a thorough understanding of the principles and practice of oscillator circuit design and emphasizes the use of time-saving CAD (computer aided design) simulation techniques. From the theory and characteristics of oscillators, to the design of a wide variety of oscillators (including tuned-circuit, crystal, negative-resistance, and relaxation oscillators), this unique book is a one-stop reference practitioners can turn to again and again when working on their challenging projects in this field.
Theory of Oscillators.
Oscillation Conditions.
Nyquist Stability Test.
Root Locus.
Routh-Hurwitz Method.
The Wien-Bridge Oscillator.
The Phase-Shift Oscillator.
Active-Filter Oscillators References.
Oscillator Characteristics.
Frequency Stability.
Expressions for the Quality Factor.
Noise in Oscillators.
Oscillator Phase Noise.
Oscillator Noise Measurements.
Statistical Design Considerations References.
Tuned-Circuit Oscillators.
FET Tuned Oscillators.
BJT Tuned Oscillators.
Op-Amp Tuned Oscillators.
Delay-Line Oscillators.
Voltage-Controlled Tuned Oscillators.
Large-Signal Analysis of Oscillators References.
Crystal Oscillators.
Crystal Characteristics.
Frequency Pulling in a Crystal Oscillator.
The Pierce, Colpitts, and Clapp Crystal Oscillators.
The Grounded-Base Crystal Oscillator.
The Pi-Network Crystal Oscillator.
Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillators.
Ceramic-Resonator Oscillators.
SAW Oscillators References.
Negative-Resistance Oscillators.
Negative-Resistance Method.
Oscillation Conditions — A Negative-Resistance Approach.
Traveling-Waves and Power-Waves Concepts.
Stability Considerations.
Oscillation Conditions in Terms of Reflection Coefficients.
Two-Port Negative-Resistance Oscillators.
The Terminating Network.
Oscillation-Conditions Simulations.
Large-Signal Analysis for NROs.
Design of Feedback Oscillators Using the Negative-Resistance Method.
Dielectric-Resonator Oscillators.
YIG Oscillators.
Other Negative-Resistance Devices.
Nonsinusoidal Oscillators.
Various Relaxation Oscillators.
Triangular-Wave Oscillators.
Sawtooth Oscillators.
Oscillators Using the 555 Timer.
ICs Function Generators.
UJTs and PUTs.
Conditions for a Stable Oscillation.
Analysis of the Series Feedback Circuit.
Selected Bibliography.
About the Author.
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