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He Jimin, Fu Zhi-Fang. Modal Analysis

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He Jimin, Fu Zhi-Fang. Modal Analysis
Butterworth Heinemann, 2001. — 304 p. — ISBN: 978-0-7506-5079-3
This book provides a detailed overview of the theory of analytical and experimental modal analysis and its applications. Modal Analysis is the processes of determining the inherent dynamic characteristics of any system and using them to formulate a mathematical model of the dynamic behavior of the system. In the past two decades, it has become a major technological tool in the quest for determining, improving and optimizing dynamic characteristics of engineering structures. Its main application is in mechanical and aeronautical engineering, but it is also gaining widespread use in civil and structural engineering, biomechanical problems, space structures, acoustic instruments and nuclear engineering. This is the only book to focus on the theory of modal analysis before discussing applications. It is a relatively new technique being utilized more and more in recent years which are now filtering through to undergraduate courses.
The book is intended for several uses. The materials can be selectively used for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The book can be a reference text for practising engineers whose work involves modal analysis, and for researchers in other engineering and science disciplines who use modal analysis as a tool in their research.
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