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Lackner M., Winter F., Agarwal A.K. (eds.) Handbook of Combustion Vol.5: New Technologies

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Lackner M., Winter F., Agarwal A.K. (eds.) Handbook of Combustion Vol.5: New Technologies
Weinheim: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, — 2010 — 499 p. — ISBN-13:9783527324491, 3527324496
This five-volume reference work on combustion represents the first complete, in-depth coverage of the field. The contents range from an up-to-date presentation of gas, liquid and solid combustion, via pollutant formation and new technologies to combustion diagnostics and safety. Written by world-leading experts from academia and industry, this is the one-stop reference work for all those working in the field.
Table of Contents
The Chemistry in HCCI Combustion and the Use of Reduced Kinetic Mechanisms for Controlling Strategies
Low Temperature Combustion in Engines
Corona Ignition and Other Ignition Systems Applied to Combustion Systems
Plasma Assisted Ignition and Combustion
Laser Ignition
Combustion Enhancement and Stabilization: Problematic, Effects and Diagnostics of the Plasma Assistance
Porous Media Combustion
Staged Combustion and Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Hetero-/Homogeneous Combustion
Catalytic Combustion
Mild Combustion
Underground Coal Gasification: A Clean Coal Technology
Energy from Aquatic Biomass
Flameless Pulverized Coal Combustion
Warm Discharges for Fuel
Metal Halocarbon Combustion
Acoustic Control of Flames
Combustion Synthesis
CO2 Sequestration
Oxy-Combustion Technologies with Pure Oxygen and Chemical Looping Combustion
Calcium-Based Sorbent Looping Processes for Carbon Capture
Combustion of Pulverized Fuel in CO2 Atmosphere
Energy Conversion Processes with CO2-Separation not Reducing Efficiency
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