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Gilbert H., Tompkins J. Post-colonial Drama: Theory, practice, politics

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Gilbert H., Tompkins J. Post-colonial Drama: Theory, practice, politics
London, New York: Routledge. — 1996. — 356 p. ISBN-10: 0415090245; ISBN-13: 978-0415090247.
Post-Colonial Drama is the first full-length study to address the ways in which performance has been instrumental in resisting the continuing effects of imperialism. It brings to bear the latest theoretical approaches from post-colonial and performance studies to a range of plays from Australia, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, the Caribbean and other former colonial regions. Some of the major topics discussed in Post-Colonial Drama include:
the interactions of post-colonial and performance theories; the post-colonial re-stagings of language and history; the specific enactments of ritual and carnival; the theatrical citations of the post-colonial body. The book combines a rich intersection of theoretical approaches with close attention to a wide range of performance texts.
List of illustrations
Introduction: re-acting (to) Empire
Re-citing the classics: canonical counter-discourse
Counter-discourse and the canon
Shakespeare's legacy
Replaying The Tempest
Crusoe and Friday
Classical Greek influences
Reworking Christian myths
Replacing the canon
Traditional enactments: ritual and carnival
Ritual-centred plays
Ritual elements/ritual contexts
Carnival logics
Carnival plays
Post-colonial histories
Fracturing colonialist history
Women's histories
"Time span
Spatial histories
"Theatre spaces
The languages of resistance
Indigenous languages and translation
Indigenised languages
Creole and Pidgin
Song and music
Body politics
Derogated bodies
Metamorphic bodies
Dancing bodies
Framed bodies
Internal colonialism
Regional neo-imperialism
Global neo-imperialism
A provisional conclusion
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