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Peckham R.J., Jordan G. (Eds.) Digital Terrain Modelling. Development and Applications in a Policy Support Environment

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Peckham R.J., Jordan G. (Eds.) Digital Terrain Modelling. Development and Applications in a Policy Support Environment
Springer, 2007. — 328 p. — ISBN 978-3-540-36730-7.
This book presents a set of papers on Digital Terrain Modelling for Policy Support which aims to be informative and stimulating for both developers and users of digital terrain models. It should also be useful for professi- als who are interested in the wider aspects of the applications of terrain models in support for policies and decision making. There is an increasing demand for regional and continental scale data for use in environmental modelling and spatial analysis to support envir- mental policy development and implementation. Important environmental processes act at regional and continental scales, for example climatic change inducing floods and soil erosion, and management of these pr- esses for the sustainable development of society requires policies to be - plied at the corresponding scales. One of the most important factors inf- encing these environmental processes which act on the earth’s surface is the surface topography, hence the need for extensive, harmonised digital terrain models.
Digital Terrain Analysis in a GIS Environment. Concepts and Development
From Mathematical Morphology to Morphological Terrain Features
Optimisation of Interpolation Parameters Using Cross-validation
Scale-Dependent Effect of Input Data Design on DEM Accuracy
SRTM as a Possible Source of Elevation Information for Soil-landscape Modelling
Development of a pan-European River and Catchment Database
Decision Supporting Hydrological Model for River Basin Flood Control
Potential Flood Hazard and Risk Mapping at Pan-European Scale
High-Resolution DEM for Design of Flood Emergency Reservoirs
A Quantitative Procedure for Building Physiographic Units for the European SOTER Database
Solar Resource Modelling for Energy Applications
GRASS and R — Advanced GIS and Statistical Tools for DEM Analysis
Calculation of Potential Drainage Density Index (PDD)
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