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Suereth J.D., Farwell M. sbt in Action

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Suereth J.D., Farwell M. sbt in Action
Manning Publications, 2015. — 284. — ISBN: 978-1617291272.

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sbt is a build tool native to Scala that can transform any build scenario into a streamlined, automated, and repeatable process. Its interactive shell lets you customize your builds on the fly, and with sbt’s unique incremental compilation feature, you can update only the parts of your project that change, without having to rebuild everything. Mastering sbt, along with the right patterns and best practices, is guaranteed to save you time and trouble on every project.
sbt in Action, first and foremost, teaches you how to build Scala projects effectively. It introduces the sbt tool with a simple project that establishes the fundamentals of running commands and tasks. Next, it shows you how to use the peripheral libraries in sbt to make common tasks simpler. Along the way, you’ll work through real projects that demonstrate how to build and deploy your projects regardless of development methodology or process.
What's inside:
Master sbt's loosely coupled libraries;
Effectively manage dependencies;
Automate and simplify your builds;
Customize builds and tasks.
About the reader:
Readers should be comfortable reading Scala code. No experience with sbt required.
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