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West Judy. Bravo! 1 Pupil's book 1

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West Judy. Bravo! 1 Pupil's book 1
Английский для детей 63 стр. 1998 Macmillan Heinemann.
Bravo! is a complete English course written especially for young learners. This Starter level provides a gentle introduction to the rest of the course by pre-teaching key vocabulary and language, and introducing the roman alphabet. It is suitable for complete beginners doing an introductory or pre-school course. Extensive research and piloting ensure that the materials are ideal for the language classroom. The Activity Book: Handwriting practice pages introduce the letters of the alphabet in the context of real words. There is steady progression from individual letters, to whole words, to completion of simple phrases. There are a variety of matching, colouring, and joining activities to reinforce the language in the Pupil's Book. There are simple listening exercises to sensitize the students to different English sounds. The cut outs at the back make the pupils' first steps in learning English enjoyable and fun.
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