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Chen C.W., Zahng V.-Q. (eds.) Visual Information Representation, Communication and Image Processing

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Chen C.W., Zahng V.-Q. (eds.) Visual Information Representation, Communication and Image Processing
Marcel Dekker, 1999. — 572 p.
A revolution has begun to reshape the video and multimedia industry, compelled by the influence of several factors including advances in compression algorithms, progrcss in scmiconductor technology, explosive growth of the Internet, and convergence of international standards. This revolution is profoundly changing every aspect of image and video, from production to display, from storage to transmission, from representation to manipulation.
Research and development in visual information representation, communication, and image processing are moving forward at an extremely fast pace. The revolutionary technologies derived from this research and development have reached virtually every facet of daily life. Multimedia computer, videophone, video over the Internet, HDTV, digital satellite TV, and interactive games are just a few examples.
Visual Information Representation, Communication, and Image Processing brings together a wide spectrum of innovative ideas and perspectives related to the advances in these areas. We invited scholars and experts from diverse areas of research to contribute. Each chapter represents state-of-the-art contributions in the author's own field. The first chapter was written by the editors to provide an overview of the subsequent chapters. The rest of the contributions have been organized into two parts. The first part includes nine chapters that address recent researches in video coding and communication; the second includes six chapters that discuss various techniques in image manipulation and processing. Although the technologies of video coding and communication and of image manipulation and processing are closely coupled with each other, an integrated treatment of these two areas in a single volume is quite unique. .
This book is intended to educate and intrigue those who are in a position not only to learn the basics of video communication and image processing but also to enhance the quality of future generations of video communication and image processing systems, The comprehensive coverage of a wide variety of topics makes this book useful to various professionals, including electrical engineers, computer scientists, imaging technologists, and vision scientists.
Recent Advances in Visual Information Representation, Communication, and Image Processing.
Video Compression Using Residual Vector Quantization.
Adaptive Quantization in Wavelet-Based Image and Video Coding.
Statistically Adaptive Wavelet Image Coding.
Three-Dimensional Model-Based Image Communication.
Content-Based Video Compression and Manipulation Using Two-Dimensional Mesh Modeling.
Error Control and Concealment for Video Communication.
Multipoint Videoconferencing.
Video Shot Detection and Analysis: Content-Based Approaches.
MPEG-4: An Object-Based Standard for Multimedia Coding.
Video Coding Standards for Multimedia Communication: H.261. H,263, and Beyond.
AM-FM Image Modeling and Gabor Analysis.
Electronic Digital Image Stabilization and Mosaicking.
Highly Robust Statistical Estimates Based on Minimum-Error Bayesian Classification.
Learning in Computer Vision and Beyond: Development.
Principles of Halftoning with Stochastic Screens.
An Image-Algebra-Based SIMD Image-Processing Environment.
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