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Koh K.M., Dong F., Ng K.L. Graph Theory: Undergraduate Mathematics

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Koh K.M., Dong F., Ng K.L. Graph Theory: Undergraduate Mathematics
Singapore: World Scientific Publishing, 2015. - 493p.
This book is an expansion of our first book Introduction to Graph Theory: H3 Mathematics. While the first book was intended for capable high school students and university freshmen, this version covers substantially more ground and is intended as a reference and textbook for undergraduate studies in Graph Theory. In fact, the topics cover a few modules in the Graph Theory taught at the National University of Singapore. The reader will be challenged and inspired by the material in the book, especially the variety and quality of the problems, which are derived from the authors' years of teaching and research experience.
Fundamental Concepts and Basic Results
Graph Isomorphisms, Subgraphs, the Complement of a Graph and Graphic Sequences
Bipartite Graphs and Trees
Eulerian Multigraphs and The Chinese Postman Problem
Hamiltonian Graphs and The Traveling Salesman Problem
Independence, Matching and Covering
Vertex-colorings and Planar Graphs
Digraphs and Tournaments
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