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Scarth W. Macroeconomics: The Development of Modern Methods for Policy Analysis

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Scarth W. Macroeconomics: The Development of Modern Methods for Policy Analysis
Edward Elgar Pub, 2014. — 323 p. — ISBN: 1781953880, 9781781953884
This important textbook offers a comprehensive look into the two main traditions in contemporary macroeconomics - New Classical and Keynesian - and examines the work of economists who have drawn on principles from both traditions to form a new, integrated approach known as New Neoclassical Synthesis. Importantly, this provides the theoretical foundation for much of current mainstream economics and the work done by central banks around the world. With a dual focus on research methods and policy applications, this book bridges the gap between intermediate macroeconomic and advanced graduate-level texts, making it an ideal resource for senior undergraduate and Masters students in applied economics programs. Key topics include: a concise summary of intermediate macroeconomics, including the foundational ideas of both the New Classical and Keynesian traditions the Lucas critique of standard methods for evaluating policy design debt sustainability and austerity vs. stimulation debate optimal inflation rates tax reform and growth analysis alternative monetary policies for pursuing price stability theories of unemployment. Students and instructors will find additional useful resources on the book's companion website, including practice questions for each chapter and a list of recommended readings.
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