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Stewart D. Early Islam

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Stewart D. Early Islam
Time Life Education, 1978. — 192 p. — ISBN-10: 0809403315 / ISBN-13: 978-0809403318
Prepared and published by Time-Life and British author Desmond Stewart (Oxford 1948 Classics) in the happy days when this topic seemed rather academic (our problem in those days was Nasser, and, depending on your point of view, Israel), this book offers a readable and enlightening introduction to Islam. The title is a bit misleading; the last two of the seven chapters ("From Spain to Sumatra" and "A Durable Religion") actually lead well into the modern eras. However, it does concentrate on the Prophet, the "Five Pillars of Faith"the "Time of Conquest", the "Golden Age"(mostly the Abbasids in Baghdad, though also quite a lot on the Sufi, much as that might anger the Wahhabi whom we once underestimated), and "the Art of Many Peoples", along with the "Scientist-Philosophers", these last two chapters, of course, concentrating on Islam's early spectacular flowering, not to be sustained very long, unfortunately. Art especially features largely here, as in all "Time-Life Books" of this epoch where art could possibly come into play.
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