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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing and Communications Challenges 7

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Choraś R.S. (ed.) Image Processing and Communications Challenges 7
Springer, 2016. — 305 p.
This book contain papers accepted for IP&C 2015, the International Conference on Image Processing and Communications, held at UTP University of Science and Technology, Bydgoszcz, Poland, September 9–11, 2015. This was the eighth edition in the IP&C series of annual conferences. The idea of organizing these conferences was to facilitate exchange between researchers and scientists in the broad fields of image processing and communications, addressing recent advances in theory, methodology, and applications.
At this IP&C conference, a wide variety of topics are covered by a relatively small selection of papers presented in single-track sessions. This year, there were 62 manuscripts submitted to the conference. Each paper was carefully reviewed by scientists and researchers in IP&C areas. Of these papers, 34 were accepted for presentation.
The book should be of interest to a large group of researchers, engineers, and practitioners in image processing and communication. I hope that, by reading this book, researchers in both academia and industry with an interest in this area will be encouraged and facilitated to pursue it further.
Part I Image Processing.
Classifier Selection Uses Decision Profiles in Binary Classification Task.
2DHMM-Based Face Recognition Method.
Corner Detection Based on Directional Gradients—Comparative Study.
Sensor Fusion Enhancement for Mobile Positioning Systems.
Thermal Face Recognition.
Feature Reduction Using Similarity Measure in Object Detector Learning with Haar-Like Features.
Assessment of the Brain Coverage Ratio in the Postoperative Craniosynostosis Based on 3D CT Scans.
Combined Imaging System for Taking Facial Portraits in Visible and Thermal Spectra.
The PUT Surveillance Database.
Applying Image Features and AdaBoost Classification for Vehicle Detection in the ‘SM4Public’ System.
Automatic Analysis of Vehicle Trajectory Applied to Visual Surveillance.
Algorithmically Optimized AVC Video Encoder with Parallel Processing of Data.
Neural Video Compression Based on SURF Scene Change Detection Algorithm.
Cell Detection in Corneal Endothelial Images Using Directional Filters.
The Method of Probabilistic Nodes Combination in 2D Information Retrieval, Pattern Recognition and Biometric Modeling.
3-D Reconstruction of Real Objects Using an Android Device.
Methods of Natural Image Preprocessing Supporting the Automatic Text Recognition Using the OCR Algorithms.
Fast Machine Vision Line Detection for Mobile Robot Navigation in Dark Environments.
Adjustment of Viterbi Algorithm for Line Following Robots.
Studentized Range for Spatio–Temporal Track–Before–Detect Algorithm.
Real-Time US Image Enhancement by Forward-Backward Diffusion Using GPU.
Face-Based Distributed Visitor Identification System.
Color Space Optimization for Lacunarity Method in Analysis of Papanicolaou Smears.
Toward Texture-Based 3D Level Set Image Segmentation.
The Calibration of the Pan-Tilt Units for the Active Stereo Head.
Some Remarks on the Optimization-Based Trajectory Reconstruction of an RGB-D Sensor.
Combining Multiple Nearest-Neighbor Searches for Multiscale Feature Point Matching.
Detection of Face Position and Orientation Using Depth Data.
Part II Communications.
A Comparative Study of Statistical Models with Long and Short-Memory Dependence for Network Anomaly Detection.
Local Statistic Embedding for Malware Behaviour Modelling.
Analysis and Real Implementation of a Cloud Infrastructure for Computing Laboratories Virtualization.
AAU-Star and AAU Honeyjar: Malware Analysis Platforms Developed by Students.
System of Distance Measurement and Localization of Wireless Devices Communicating Based on Bluetooth Technologies.
Self-configuration Networks.
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