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Stow D.A.V. Sedimentary Rocks in the Field A Colour Guide

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Stow D.A.V. Sedimentary Rocks in the Field A Colour Guide
Copyright 2005 Manson Publishing Ltd2005,Fifth impression 2010,320pages
Sedimentary rocks in the field: a colour guide
is a much needed addition to the literature of sedimentology.It offers much more than its title reveals. Eleven of the fifteen chapters define the main types of sedimentary rock and illustrate them in all their beauty and variety with numerous color photographs. The remaining chapters – also lavishly illustrated – provide introductions to field techniques, principal characteristics of sedimentary rocks, and interpretations of depositional environments, all of which enrich the book tremendously. The provision of stratigraphic time scales,mapping symbols, grain-size comparator chart and sediment description checklist, together with Wulff stereonet and Lambert equal-area projection templates, further adds to its usefulness in and out of the field.The combination of all these elements in a handy format will enable the geologist to more readily identify and understand the type of rock he or she is dealing with, making life in the field a lot easier! This publication will be of great help
both to the student and to the professional who has not been in the field for some time, while amateurs, whose background
on sedimentary rocks may be incomplete, will welcome it too. In addition to its value for geology students,professionals, and amateur enthusiasts, the book will also be of interest to anyone – from weekend walkers to soldiers on maneuver – who takes a moment to study the terrain.
field techniques
principal characteristics of sedimentary rocks
carbonate rocks
cherts and siliceous sediments
coal and oil
soils, paleosols, and duricrusts
volcaniclastic sediments
interpretations and depositional environments
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