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Ghannouchi F.M., Mohammadi A. The Six-Port Technique with Microwave and Wireless Applications

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Ghannouchi F.M., Mohammadi A. The Six-Port Technique with Microwave and Wireless Applications
Artech House, 2009. — 236 p. — ISBN 10: 1608070336. — ISBN 13: 978-3540495215.
One of the main issues in microwave and wireless system design is to ensure high performance with low cost techniques. The six-port technique helps allow for this in critical network design areas. This practical resource offers a thorough overview of the six-port technique, from basic principles of RF measurement based techniques and multiport design, to coverage of key applications, such as vector network analyzers, software defined radio, and radar. The first book dedicated to six-port applications and principles, this volume serves as a current, one-stop guide for professionals seeking cost-effective solutions for their challenging projects in the microwave and wireless communication fields.
Introduction to the Six-Port Technique.
Microwave Network Theory.
Microwave Circuits Design Technologies.
Six-Port Circuits.
Six-Port Fundamentals.
Analysis of Six-Port Reflectometers.
Linear Model.
Quadratic Model.
Six- to Four-Port Reduction.
Error Box Procedure Calculation.
Power Flow Measurements.
Six-Port Reflectometer with a Reference Port.
Measurement Accuracy Estimation.
The Design of Six Port Junctions.
Design Consideration for Six-Port Junctions.
Waveguide Six-Port Junctions.
Frequency Compensated Optimal Six-Port Junctions.
Frequency Compensated Quasi-Optimal Six-Port Junctions.
Six-Port Junction Based on a Symmetrical Five-Port Ring Junction.
High Power Six-Port Junction in Hybrid WaveGuide/Stripline Technology.
Worst-Case Error Estimation.
Calibration Techniques.
Calibration Method Using Seven Standards.
Linear Calibration Using Five Standards.
Nonlinear Calibration Using Four Standards.
Nonlinear Calibration Using Three Standards.
Self-Calibration Based on Active Load Synthesis.
Dynamic Range Extension.
Diode Linearization Technique.
Power Calibration Technique.
Six-Port Network Analyzers.
General Formulation.
Case of a Reciprocal Two-Port DUT.
Case of an Arbitrary Two-Port DUT.
Six-Port Based De-Embedding Technique: Theory.
Two-Port De-Embedding Technique.
Calculation of the Error-Box Parameters.
Determination of S Parameters of an Arbitrary DUT.
Tri-Six-Port Network Analyzer.
N-Six-Port Network Analyzer.
A Single Six-Port N-Port Vector Network Analyzer.
N-Port Calibration Algorithm.
Source Pull and Load-Pull Measurements Using the Six-Port Technique.
Principles of Source-Pull/Load-Pull Measurements.
Impedance and Power Flow Measurements with an Arbitrary Test Port Impedance.
Operation of a Six-Port in Reverse Configuration.
Source-Pull Configuration Using Six-Port.
Load-Pull Configuration Using Six-Port.
Source-Pull/Load-Pull Configuration Using Six-Port.
A De-Embedding Technique for On-Wafer Load-Pull Measurements.
Applications of Source-Pull Measurements.
Source-Pull/Load-Pull Oscillator Measurements.
AM-AM/AM-PM Distortion Measurements of Microwave Transistors Using Active Load-Pull.
Time-Domain Wave-Correlator for Power Amplifier Characterization and Optimization.
Six-Port Wireless Applications.
Multiport Transceiver.
Six-Port Receiver.
Six-Port in Software Radio Applications.
Six-Port in UWB Applications.
Six-Port in Millimeter-Wave Radios.
Comparison Between Six-Port and Conventional Receivers
Six-Port Microwave Applications.
Six-Port Microwave Reflectometer.
Six-Port Wave-Correlator.
Six-Port Applications in Direction Finders.
Six-Port Applications in Radar.
Antenna Measurement Using Six-Port.
Material Characterization Using Six-Port.
Optical Measurement Using Six-Port.
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