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Chomat M. (ed.) New Applications of Electric Drives

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Chomat M. (ed.) New Applications of Electric Drives
AvE4EvA, 2015. — 185 p. — ISBN-10: 953-51-2233-9; ISBN-13: 978-953-51-2233-3.
This book focuses on applications of electric drives that emerged only recently and/or novel aspects that appear in them. Particular attention is given to using electric drives in vehicles, aircrafts, non-road mobile machinery, and HVAC systems.
In the last few decades, electric drives have found their place in a considerable number of diverse applications. They are successfully replacing some other traditional types of drives owing to their better performance and excellent controllability.
The introduction of electric drives is in most cases also beneficial from the ecological point of view as they are not directly dependent on fossil fuels and an increasing part of electric energy they consume is generated in renewable energy sources.
Electric Drives in Alternative Fuel Vehicles — Some New Definitions and Methodologies.
Modeling and Control Strategy for Hybrid Electrical Vehicle.
Fault Diagnosis of Switched Reluctance Motors in Electrified Vehicle Applications.
Battery Management System for Electric Drive Vehicles – Modeling, State Estimation and Balancing.
Electric Drives for Propulsion System of Transport Aircraft.
Electric-driven Zonal Hydraulics in Non-Road Mobile Machinery.
Variable Frequency Drive Applications in HVAC Systems.
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