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Thompson John, Martin Frank. Strategic Management: Awareness and Change

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Thompson John, Martin Frank. Strategic Management: Awareness and Change
5 edition, Publisher Cengage Learning Business Press, 2005. - 873 p. - ISBN: 1844800830
This book is about strategic awareness, strategic analysis and the management of strategic change. It is designed for use by students who will become future managers and for managers in practice; after all, in some way or another, all managers are strategy makers. It looks at how managers become strategically aware of their company’s position and potential opportunities for change, at how changes often happen in reality, and at how the process might be managed more effectively.
Strategic management is concerned with the actions that organizations take to deal with the changes, opportunities, threats, challenges and surprises in their external and internal environments. Put simply, strategies are means to ends. How, then, do organizations:
 determine desired outcomes?
 understand the circumstances and events affecting these outcomes and the means
of attaining them?
 decide upon actions that they intend to take?
 implement these desired strategies through a series of tactical moves and changes?
evaluate progress and relative success?
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