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Platt David S. Introducing Microsoft .NET (учебные примеры)

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3rd ed. — Microsoft Press, 2003.
Got .NET? You will with this updated, witty overview—now based on final release code!
What problems can Microsoft .NET solve? What architectural approaches does it take to solve them? How do you start using .NET, and how do you profit from it? Get the answers to these questions and more in the entertaining second edition of this book—now expanded with seven new chapters based on final release code for the .NET Framework. Its organization makes it easy to choose how deep you want to go technically. The well-known author and consultant expertly covers a single topic from the top down in each chapter, introducing simpler concepts first and then progressing into greater technical detail. He makes his points with a minimum of jargon, a maximum of wit, a multitude of diagrams, and a wealth of meaningful analogies and clear explanations. By the end of this illuminating .NET walk-through, you'll know enough about this revolutionary platform to plan for the future of software as a Web service.
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