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Gille B. (ed.) The History of Techniques Volume 2: Techniques and Sciences

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Gille B. (ed.) The History of Techniques Volume 2: Techniques and Sciences
London: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, 1986. — 532 p.
Bringing together a wealth of previously scattered information, this classic work traces the history of techniques and analyzes its relationship with other areas of knowledge.-Parts 1 and 2 provide historical coverage, from prehistory to the twentieth century, of man's attempts to master his environment. Part 3 examines this endeavor from the point of view of other major disciplines: economics, geography, science, sociology, law and politics. Together they provide a unique reference tool that puts forward a stimulating new perspective on this increasingly important and interesting field.
Techniques and Sciences
The Evolution of Techniques and Economic Analysis
Geography and Techniques
Science and Techniques
Technical Progress and Society
Techniques and Law
Techniques and Politics
Essay on Technical Knowledge
Table of Contemporaneous Events
Chapter Summaries
List of Illustrations
Name Index to both volumes
Title Index to both volumes
Subject Index to both volumes
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