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Aggarwal C.C. (ed.) Social Network Data Analytics

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Aggarwal C.C. (ed.) Social Network Data Analytics
Springer, 2011. — 517 p.
Social network analysis applications have experienced tremendous advances within the last few years due in part to increasing trends towards users interacting with each other on the internet. Social networks are organized as graphs, and the data on social networks takes on the form of massive streams, which are mined for a variety of purposes.
Social Network Data Analytics covers an important niche in the social network analytics field. This edited volume, contributed by prominent researchers in this field, presents a wide selection of topics on social network data mining such as Structural Properties of Social Networks, Algorithms for Structural Discovery of Social Networks and Content Analysis in Social Networks. This book is also unique in focussing on the data analytical aspects of social networks in the internet scenario, rather than the traditional sociology-driven emphasis prevalent in the existing books, which do not focus on the unique data-intensive characteristics of online social networks. Emphasis is placed on simplifying the content so that students and practitioners benefit from this book.
This book targets advanced level students and researchers concentrating on computer science as a secondary text or reference book. Data mining, database, information security, electronic commerce and machine learning professionals will find this book a valuable asset, as well as primary associations such as ACM, IEEE and Management Science.
An Introduction to Social Network Data Analytics
Statistical Properties of Social Networks
Random Walks in Social Networks and their Applications: A Survey
Community Discovery in Social Networks: Applications, Methods and Emerging Trends
Node Classification in Social Networks
Evolution in Social Networks: A Survey
A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Social Influence Analysis
A Survey of Algorithms and Systems for Expert Location in Social Networks
A Survey of Link Prediction in Social Networks
Privacy in Social Networks: A Survey
Visualizing Social Networks
Data Mining in Social Media
Text Mining in Social Networks
Integrating Sensors and Social Networks
Multimedia Information Networks in Social Media
An Overview of Social Tagging and Applications
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