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Felzenszwalb P.F. Representation and Detection of Shapes in Images

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Felzenszwalb P.F. Representation and Detection of Shapes in Images
Диссертация, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003, -83 pp.
We present a set of techniques that can be used to represent and detect shapes in images. Our methods revolve around a particular shape representation based on the description of objects using triangulated polygons. This representation is similar to the medial axis transform and has important properties from a computational perspective. The first problem we consider is the detection of non-rigid objects in images using deformable models. We present an efficient algorithm to solve this problem in a wide range of situations, and show examples in both natural and medical images. We also consider the problem of learning an accurate non-rigid shape model for a class of objects from examples. We show how to learn good models while constraining them to the form required by the detection algorithm. Finally, we consider the problem of low-level image segmentation and grouping. We describe a stochastic grammar that generates arbitrary triangulated polygons while capturing Gestalt principles of shape regularity. This grammar is used as a prior model over random shapes in a low level algorithm that detects objects in images.
Triangulated Polygons
Deformable Template Matching \
Learning Deformable Template Models
Random shapes
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