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McPeak J., Wilton P. Beginning JavaScript + Code

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McPeak J., Wilton P. Beginning JavaScript + Code
5th ed. — Wrox, 2015. — 771 p. — ISBN: 9781118903339
JavaScript has shaped the Web from a passive medium into one that is rich, dynamic, and interactive. With this comprehensive beginner's guide, you'll learn JavaScript the way it's most commonly used today—with the latest tools and most up-to-date techniques available so you can start creating dynamic web apps. You'll discover how to work effectively with JavaScript frameworks, functions, and modern browsers, and how to employ the most effective coding practices using HTML5.
Beginning JavaScript, 5th Edition:
Presents JavaScript using the most up-to-date coding style
Makes it easy to understand JSON, functions, events, and feature detection
Teaches the fundamentals of finding, creating, and manipulating elements in the page
Utilizes new HTML5 elements and the related API
Uncovers tips for new features, including geolocation, local storage, and more
Demonstrates how to use JavaScript to make HTTP requests to the web server (Ajax)
Covers common mistakes, debugging, and error handling
Features helpful exercises with solutions that provide plenty of opportunity to practice, while the companion website offers downloadable code for all examples given in the book
Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.
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