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Sun Tzu. The Art of War

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Sun Tzu. The Art of War
Author: Sun Tzu (Zi Sun)
Language: English
160 p.
Genres: Philosophy, History, War

Translated from the Chinese with Introduction and Critical Notes by Lionel Giles, M.A.
This edition is the translation from the Chinese with introduction and critical
notes by Lionel Giles, at the time Assistant in the Department of Oriental
Printed Books and MSS in the British Museum. This translation is probably the
best one available -even though it is not the most recent translation- this
edition has the added value of the introduction and notes by Lionel Giles.
This standard work about the strategy of warfare was written by the Chinese
general Sun Tzu (aka Sunzi and Sun Wu) in around 500 BC. It is believed to be
the oldest military treatise in the world. The principles taught in this book
can also be used in other situations than warfare; this book gives tips on how
to outsmart others. This book is an interesting read and will certainly give you
a few tips on how to be a better strategist. If you are interested in 'Art of
War' by Sun Tzu than I would recommend trying to get this version of it. I do
recommend this book to everybody, and not just to people who are interested in
military strategy.

Laying Plans.
Waging War.
Attack by Strategem.
Tactical Dispositions.
Weak Points and Strong.
Variations in Tactics.
The Army on the March.
The Nine Situations.
The Attack by Fire.
The Use of Spies.
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