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Zeller Dirk. Successful Time Management For Dummies

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Zeller Dirk. Successful Time Management For Dummies
Wiley, 2008. — 388 p. — ISBN: 978-0470290347.
Feel like you never have enough hours in the day? No matter what career and job role you're in, this plain-English guide delivers solutions for working better and faster, getting rid of time-wasting distractions, and ultimately, reducing stress. You'll see how to eliminate late nights at the office and spend more time with family, friends — or even yourself!
Set yourself up for success — assess your strengths and weaknesses, establish goals, and create a routine
Overcome time-management obstacles — communicate more effectively, circumvent interruptions, and eliminate procrastination
Focus your efforts — identify your most important tasks, prioritize your daily efforts, block off time, and plug in to-do items
Put a value on your time — grasp the time-equals-money concept, figure your hourly income, and boost your hourly value
Streamline your workspace — assemble essential tools, keep a clutter-free desktop, and create an environment that fosters solid focus
Find a work/life balance — maximize the use of your personal time and enjoy a rich, rewarding life away from the office
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