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Manning P. Electronic and Computer Music

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Manning P. Electronic and Computer Music
Oxford University Press, 2004. — 496 p.
In this revised and expanded third edition of the classic text on the history and evolution of electronic and computer music, Peter Manning provides the definitive account of the medium from its birth to the present day.
After explaining the antecedents of electronic music from the turn of the century to the Second World War, Manning discusses the emergence of early "classical" studios of the 1950s. He goes on to chronicle the upsurge of creative activity during the 1960s and 70s in the analog domain, as well as with live electronic music and the early use of electronics in rock and pop music. This edition contains new information about software innovations, digital media and the essential features of digital and audio control, the MIDI synthesizer and its many derivatives, and the evolution of computer workstations and multimedia personal computers.
Manning offers a critical perspective of the medium both in terms of its musical output and the philosophical and technical features that have shaped its growth. Emphasizing the functional characteristics of emerging technologies and their influence on the creative development of the medium, Manning covers key developments in both commercial and the non-commercial sectors to provide readers with the most comprehensive resource available on this ever-evolving subject.
The Background to 1945
Developments from 1945 to 1960
Paris and Musique Concrète
Cologne and Elektronische Musik
Milan and Elsewhere in Europe
New Horizons in Electronic Design
The Voltage-Controlled Synthesizer
The Electronic Repertory from 1960
Works for Tape
Live Electronic Music
Rock and Pop Electronic Music
The Digital Revolution to 1980
The Foundations of Computer Music
From Computer Technology to Musical Creativity
The Microprocessor Revolution
Digital Audio
The Characteristics of Digital Audio
The Development of the MIDI Communications Protocol
From Analog to Digital: The Evolution of MIDI Hardware
From Microcomputer to Music Computer: The MIDI Dimension
New Horizons for MIDI-based Technologies
Desktop Synthesis and Signal Processing
Personal Computers and Sound Processing
Music Workstations and Related Computing Architectures
The Expanding Perspective
Performance Controllers
New Horizons in Synthesis and Signal Processing Software
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