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Henrie M.E. Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects

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Henrie M.E. Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects
New York: Momentum Press, 2014. — 120 p.
Cultural Influences in Engineering Projects will focus on a dual objective of discussing culture within the project environment and how project managers can leverage development of a unique project culture to foster a higher probability of project success. To achieve this dual focus the book first establishes a foundation discussion of what projects are and the various types of project organizations, which are used throughout the world. It then discusses the different approaches in building a desired project team culture. The book expands the foundation discussions to be inclusive of both homogeneous project teams, i.e. those consisting of predominantly those born and raised in the US, and a multi-national project team environments where people from different nations interact towards a common goal. Understanding how project teams work in both a homogeneous and diverse project environment is essential knowledge for working within the international arena. This book is intended for the full spectrum of project managers spanning those studying the topic in school, to well established professionals in the field. It is intended for engineers, organizational managers, senior executives and other members of the project management team. Anyone who either works with or works within a project environment or those who manage project managers will find this book helpful in understanding how all projects are influenced by their culture, and how culture can be shaped to support high performing project teams.
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