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Northup Solomon. Twelve Years a Slave

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Northup Solomon. Twelve Years a Slave
New York: Miller, Orton & Mulligan, 1853. — 340 p.
A memoir and slave narrative by American Solomon Northup as told to and edited by David Wilson.
Ancestry —the Northup family—marriage with Anne Hampton—farming—the violin—removal to Saratoga— slavery —the children—; The two strangers—the circus company— departurethe circus—Washington—the sudden sickness— the torment of thirst—chains and darkness; James Burch— Williams’ slave pen in Washington— the whipping—new acquaintances—maternal sorrows—Eliza; travelling on the steamer; small-pox—New Orleans slave pen; sale of slaves—the purchaser of Platt—Eliza's separation from Emily; the steamboat—William Ford—the plantation—Tibeats; the sale to Tibeats—attempt to hang Platt—Chapin's interference; the suffering of attempted hanging—rescue—hired to Peter Tanner; return to Tibbeats—Tibbeats attempt to kill Platt—escape across the plantation—arrival at Ford's; Return to Bayou Boeuf—Mr. Eldrett the planter—the big cane break—the last of Eliza—the sale of Platt ot Edwin Epps; Epps drunk and sober—his family—cotton growing—beauty of the cotton field—flogging and food; illness—Epps mood for dancing—Patsey the victim; Hired to Judge Turner—being paid—return to Bayou Boeuf—hunting to feed themselves—the challenge by Marshall; the cultivation of cane—Christmas—the system of marriage; Execution at Marksville—Epps attempt to kill Platt—writing the letter—burning the letter—despair; Wiley is caught—he runs away, returns and is captured-fugitives in the woods—Augustus killed—the idea of insurrection; O'Neil the tanner—stabbing of Uncle Abram;inhuman flogging of Patsey—the effect of slave whipping; Epps build a new house—Epps and Bass discuss slavery—Platt speaks with bass—Bass writes letters for Platt—disappointment; Bass is faithful—Bass travels North—young Mistress McCoy—final things—the last hour on Bayou Boeuf; the letter reaches Solomon's family—the affidavits—arrival at Marksville—reaching Epps' plantation; New Orleans—glimpse of Freeman—Genois—Richmond and Washington—Solomon arrested—leaving Washington—friends and family.
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