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Purdie Jeni. Life Coaching For Dummies

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Purdie Jeni. Life Coaching For Dummies
2 edition. — Wiley, 2010. — 384 p. — ISBN: 978-0470665541.
Open the book and find:
How to be your own life coach
Ways to live in the present and plan for the future
How to protect your physical and emotional wellbeing
Tips on making life-changing decisions
Techniques for planning effective action
How to maintain your motivation
Ways to overcome common obstacles to your progress
How to coach others for a living
Learn to:
Pinpoint your aspirations and ambitions
Develop your career and reach your financial goals
Improve your relationships and achieve general wellbeing
Empower yourself to make life-changing decisions with confidence
Be inspired, take control and unleash your full potential
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