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Kershul Kristine. French in 10 Minutes a Day

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Kershul Kristine. French in 10 Minutes a Day
4th edition. — Bilingual Books, 1999. — 132 p. — ISBN: 0944502164
With expanded contents, all-new illustrations, and a take-along Pocket Pal, this new and improved language series allows travelers, students and international business executives to learn French faster and easier than ever.
Alphabet, Pronunciation Guide
Key Question Words
Odds 'n Ends
Look Around You in Your Home
Sticky Labels
Money and More Numbers
Days of the Week, Greetings
Important Little Words
Months, Seasons, Temperatures
Family, Home, Religion
More Sticky Labels
A Few Verbs
What Time Is It?
Directions, Finding Places
Upstairs, Downstairs
Post Office, Mail
Traffic Signs, Conversion Tables
Paying Bills
Traveling, Getting Around
Dining, Menu
Packing, Getting Ready to Go
Beverage and Menu Guides
Flash Cards
Order Form
Pocket Par
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