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Patel V. (ed.) Advances in Petrochemicals

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Patel V. (ed.) Advances in Petrochemicals
AvE4EvA, 2015. — 142 p. — ISBN-10: 953-51-2176-6; ISBN-13: 978-953-51-2176-3.
This book is designed to help the reader, particularly students and researchers of petroleum science and engineering, to understand synthesis, processing, mechanics, and simulation of the petroleum processes.
The petrochemical industry is an important area in our pursuits for economic growth, employment generation, and basic needs. It is a huge field that encompasses many commercial petrochemical and polymer-enabled products.
The selection of topics addressed and the examples, tables, and graphs used to illustrate them are governed, to a large extent, by the fact that this book is aimed primarily at petroleum science and engineering technologists.
Undoubtedly, this book contains must read materials for students, engineers, and researchers working in the area of petrochemicals and petroleum and provides valuable insights into the related synthesis, processing, mechanisms, and simulation. This book is concise, self-explanatory, informative, and cost-effective.
Cashew Nut Shell Oil — A Renewable and Reliable Petrochemical Feedstock
Natural Gas Geochemistry in the Offshore Nile Delta, Egypt
Synthesis of Nano-structured materials for storing hydrogen as an alternative source to fossil fuels derivatives.
Crude Oil Desalting Process
Overview about Different Approaches of Chemical Treatment of NORM and TE-NORM Produced from Oil Exploitation
Simulation and Optimization of Multi-period Steam Cracking Process
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