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Newton N. Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Categories

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Newton N. Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Categories
Leiden, Boston: Brill, 2008. — 450 p. — (Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 10). — ISBN: 9004167528
Medieval commentary writing has often been described as a way of "doing philosophy," and not without reason. The various commentaries on Aristotle's "Categories" we have from this period did not simply elaborate a dialectical exercise for training students; rather, they provided their authors with an unparalleled opportunity to work through crucial philosophical problems, many of which remain with US today.
The Importance of Medieval Commentaries on Aristotle’s Categories
The Medieval Posterity of Simplicius ’ Commentary on the Categories
Avicenna The Commentator
Albertus Magnus On the Subject of Aristotle’s Categories
Interconnected Literal Commentaries on the Categories in the Middle Ages
Thomas Aquinas on Establishing the Identity of Aristotle’s Categories
Reading Aristotle’s Categories as an Introduction to Logic
Simon of Faversham on Aristotle’s Categories and The Scientia Praedicamentorum
Duns Scotus’s Account of a Propter Quid Science of the Categories
Fine-tuning Pini’s Reading of Scotus ’s Categories Commentary
How Is Scotus’s Logic Related to His Metaphysics? A Reply to Todd Bates
John Buridan: On Aristotle’s Categories
A Realist Interpretation of the Categories in the Fourteenth Century
Thomas Maulevelt’s Denial of Substance
Categories and Universals in the Later Middle Ages
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