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Warden P. Big Data Glossary

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Warden P. Big Data Glossary
O'Reilly, 2011. — 56 p.
There’s been a massive amount of innovation in data tools over the last few years, thanks to a few key trends:
Learning from the Web
Techniques originally developed by website developers coping with scaling issues are increasingly being applied to other domains.
Google has proven that research techniques from computer science can be effective at solving problems and creating value in many real-world situations. That’s led to increased interest in cross-pollination and investment in academic research from commercial organizations.
Cheap hardware
Now that machines with a decent amount of processing power can be hired for just a few cents an hour, many more people can afford to do large-scale data processing. They can’t afford the traditional high prices of professional data software, though, so they’ve turned to open source alternatives.
These trends have led to a Cambrian explosion of new tools, which means that when you’re planning a new data project, you have a lot to choose from. This guide aims to help you make those choices by describing each tool from the perspective of a developer looking to use it in an application. Wherever possible, this will be from my firsthand experiences or from those of colleagues who have used the systems in production environments. I’ve made a deliberate choice to include my own opinions and impressions, so you should see this guide as a starting point for exploring the tools, not the final word. I’ll do my best to explain what I like about each service, but your tastes and requirements may well be quite different. Since the goal is to help experienced engineers navigate the new data landscape, this guide only covers tools that have been created or risen to prominence in the last few years. For example, Postgres is not covered because it’s been widely used for over a decade, but its Greenplum derivative is newer and less well-known, so it is included.
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