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Chatterjea M.N. Viva in Biochemistry

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Chatterjea M.N. Viva in Biochemistry
2nd Edition. - Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, 2010. - 489 p. - A companion to Textbook of Medical Biochemistry by the same author, Simple, short and accurate answers to the questions generally asked in viva voce, Useful for confidence building, Covers the questions not only related to theory but also the table-viva related to practical problems, A new chapter on Acid Base Balance and Imbalance has been added. Dr (Brig) MN Chatterjea Is an eminent author. His book Textbook of Medical Biochemistry is very popular not only in SAARC countries but also in the Gulf. Another titles Clinical Chemistry: Organ Function Tests, Laboratory Investigations and Inborn Metabolic Diseases has just been released.
Chemistry of Carbohydrates,
Chemistry of Lipids and Eicosanoids,
Chemistry of Proteins and Amino Acids,
ImmunoglobulinsChemistry and Functions,
Chemistry of Nucleotides and Nucleic Acid,
Chemistry of Enzymes,
Biologic Oxidation,
Chemistry of Hemoglobin and Hemoglobinopathies,
HemeSynthesis and Catabolism,
Digestion and Absorption,
Metabolism of Carbohydrates,
Metabolism of Lipids,
Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids,
Metabolism of Nucleoproteins,
Metabolism of Minerals,
Hormones: Chemistry and Functions,
Protein Synthesis, DNA Replication and DNA Recombinant Technology,
Chemistry of Respiration,
Radioactivity: Radio-isotopes in Medicine,
Clinical Enzymology,
Biochemistry of Cancern,
Acid Base Balance and Imbalance.
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